Stone Blend RCA?

Recycled Concrete Aggregate, or RCA. This is a mixture of crushed concrete, asphalt fine screening. Approx. size of the stone is 1 1/2 ". This material is used as a foundation for your paving project. This material is compacted to approx. 95% density by using a 3-5 ton roller for driveways, 8-10 ton roller on parking lots and a 10-12 ton roller on roadways.

This material is spread on a pre-paved subgrade by using a loader or skid steer to the loose depth required thickness of the base course when compacted. The individual layers of thickness shall not be less than 3" or more than 6" after compaction. Before paving, the surface shall be free of debris and fine grade.


The depth of the cut shall be a minimum of 2' to such a depth as to permit the removal of the abandoned material (concrete or asphalt) without doing damage to the remaining material.


All asphalt used by Stasi Bros. Is all N.Y State , DOT approved. All mix designs are available at your request.

  • 1-AC= Smooth Finish, ¼ stone

  • 1-A Top= Smooth finish, ½ stone

  • 1-A Binder= Road base mix, not for driveways


All concrete over 3 yards will be delivered by a Ready Mix Truck to ensure that the concrete ordered is consistent in color and strength. Stasi Bros. Will always use materials that are within Town or Village codes.


Asphalt Paving Nassau County | Concrete Levittown
Asphalt pavements are very durable and relatively low maintenance. They are a great option for both residential and commercial properties. Some people are hesitant to install asphalt pavements because they’re uncertain about this material and its visual appeal. At Stasi Brothers, we ask you to consider the following points:

  • Appearance – Asphalt doesn’t have to be dull and grey. Like concrete, you have the option to stain or stamp it. That would significantly alter the looks and appearance of your asphalt pavement and ensure it fits in with your overall décor.

  • Easy Maintenance – This surface is very easy to maintain. You can sweep it with a broom or wash it to keep the pavement clean. Asphalt only needs to be sealed once every 3 to 5 years and if you stick to this schedule, the pavement would last you a lifetime.

  • Easy Repairs – Cracks and other such problems in asphalt pavements are very easy to repair. All you need to do is heat the problem area enough to loosen the aggregate, rake it, add a rejuvenator, add more material if needed, level it, and then compact it. Your asphalt pavement gets repaired within a day.

  • Environmental Impact – Asphalt is perhaps the most eco-friendly pavement material because it can be completely recycled. It’s also a porous surface so it will replenish the groundwater.

If you have any questions about asphalt here at Stasi Brothers, just get in touch with us. You can fill in this contact us form or give us a call at 516 997 7283.